What is the best price for digital software or a website?

What is the best price for digital software or a website?

Today, anyone can create a website, but what is the best price for digital software or a website?

For this new article, the C2M team looks at the cost of a digital project. Many people wonder how, for the same initial request for a digital project, prices can vary so much. First of all, know that this does not depend on the goodwill of the service providers. Indeed, many criteria come into play to be able to determine a price. In reality the price is one of the components of the service, but for a precise comparison you must look at all the services that are included. Now, let’s focus more precisely to enlighten you.


As we will see in this article and as you may know, there are many decision criteria in a project. They allow you to determine whether the price proposal made to you corresponds to your request. To enlighten you further, the c2m team shares its expertise in terms of digital services.


First of all, let’s start at the beginning. First, what type of site or software do you really need? To begin with, know that there are a multitude of them and know that they each have their own specificities. Our experts offer you a non-exhaustive list of the main types of sites and/or software:

  • Showcase site: this is a simple site whose aim is to give the Internet user useful information about a company (products, services and contact details). It can also provide access to a form. It allows you to be present on the Internet.
  • E-commerce site: designed especially for professionals, the E-commerce site allows you to offer your customers an online product store. It offers the following services in particular: placing products online, accounting management, commercial research, order tracking, customer service and online payment.
  • Mobile site: This is often a simplified version of your website specially designed for mobile and tablet viewing. Its advantages are: fast loading and optimized use for browsing on a small screen.
    Do not confuse with a Responsiv Design site which is a website that adapts to the size of the screen.
  • Intranet/Extranet: for companies, it is the ideal tool to optimize management and production. These sites are specifically dedicated to businesses. Intranets/Extranets are of great interest because they make it possible to simplify actions and internal communication.
  • Blog: It is one of the main web communication tools. It allows you to strengthen your online reputation and improve your natural referencing. Another important point, the blog allows you to transmit all types of useful information such as news, specific themes or even mood posts.
  • SAAS software: just like intranets/extranets, SAAS software is an essential tool for a company. In particular, they make it possible to optimize salary resources, simplify management (accounting, invoicing, etc.) as well as sales.
  • Tailor-made site: if in all the existing possibilities you do not find what you are looking for, it is certainly because you need development specific to your project. For this, digital engineering companies offer you tailor-made site design 100% in line with your requests.


Digital services are a bit like fashion. In addition, there is ready-to-wear (classic) and haute-couture (tailor-made) at different prices. The same is true for your project. On this principle, you can opt for choosing a “classic” product. Your site will then certainly be based on a content management tool (CMS). This solution is often quicker and less expensive to implement but it will be less scalable and not very customizable. If you have a specific idea and specific features in mind, it is best to go with a tailor-made site. Indeed, although often longer to develop and therefore more expensive, the tailor-made site is specially designed to perfectly meet your needs.
As you will have understood, the choice of the level of customization is an important component of the price offered by the service providers.


Some will say that this is obvious, but very often clients do not realize the level of complexity of certain projects. Everyone will agree that a One-Page site (text and images) is easier to create than a site with a multitude of pages. But it is also necessary to take into account the functionalities and interconnections necessary to make the project a reality. In fact, each additional feature is additional development time for the service provider’s team. In this case, if you want a One-page site full of complex features, it is likely that it will cost you more than a site with a large number of pages containing only text and visuals.


Once these different criteria have been defined, you will have to make a choice about your service provider. Why choose this agency rather than another or a Freelancer? By what type of service provider will deadlines be best met? Here are some questions you are probably asking yourself. But don’t lose sight of the fact that you need to call on an experienced team. Remember to consult his references. You can also ask about the team structure to know who will work on your project. You will notice that quality comes at a cost. But which do you prefer? A cheap sloppy site or a more expensive quality site?


After that, to definitively narrow down your choice, it is essential to take into account the general management of your project. Providing you with a specific contact person who centralizes all phases of the design is a guarantee of quality of service. This simplifies communication between you and your provider. Choose a team that is proactive, who advises you and supports you in your project. Also think about what comes next. Once your site or software is online, do you want specific monitoring from your service provider? Do they offer you maintenance services?


Here we are ! The crux of the matter is money. When receiving quotes for an IT service, many say that agencies and/or freelancers make a huge margin. Probably because it is difficult to realize how much time it takes to develop a project. Obviously the company you use will make a margin on the service but most of the quote proposed will come from the different criteria discussed above.


We have just clarified the different criteria to take into account for the quote for a digital service. The C2M team will now try to enlighten you on the reasons for the price differences for what appears to be the “same” service.


First of all, before any request for pricing for your digital project, it is essential to define your project as best as possible. As you were able to see specifically in this article, many points come into account when budgeting for a digital service. Before your canvassing with service providers, consider:

  • Define the type of site or software you need
  • Determine the features needed to implement your project
  • Define the investment you want from your service provider
  • Once these points have been defined, think of a price that correlates with your requests so that the latter is not utopian. Obviously, it is certain that you will not get a complete, tailor-made CRM for 500 euros. So, not everything is achievable at any price.

It must be recognized that a website or software is often something abstract. For greater clarity and concreteness, let’s take the example of building a house requiring the same construction phases:

  • The design and construction phases (structural work):
  • For a house: Builder VS Architect = classic pavilion based on an already existing plan or even in Kit VS custom house based on a plan imagined for you with a design that is specific to you and meets all of your criteria.
  • For a digital project: “Turnkey” project VS Custom-made project = site based on an existing theme that is not very customizable and adaptable VS support for the development of a specific project adaptable to your needs.
  • The finishing phase:
  • For a house: Restricted ranges of materials VS unlimited choice = you choose from a restricted catalog of materials offered by your builder VS you specifically choose all the materials without limit.
  • For a digital project: Initial functionalities of the Premium site VS functionalities necessary for your project = site with limited functionalities (those compatible with the technology used) VS site or software with functionalities developed to precisely meet your needs.
  • After construction:
  • For a house/For a digital project: Some choose to do work/services at a discount to limit the budget. Problems often come later. For a house, there may be poor workmanship, a lack of ten-year guarantees, etc. For a website, there may be unscrupulous service providers, without professional insurance, without experience and who provide no follow-up. Therefore, in a word BE VIGILENT and make the right choice!

This demonstration aims to show you that it is obvious that between a classic pavilion and an architect’s house the price will not be the same. However in both cases you will have a house. QED! The same goes for designing a  website  and/or  software .


We have now reached the last point of this article. After reading perhaps some of you say to yourself that you are lost and that you do not know how to carry out your projects. Know that digital professionals are there to support you. To do this, it is up to you to clearly define the following points:

  • Is your project simple or does it require specific expertise? If your project is specific, it is important to call on a  company specializing in digital engineering . In fact, the latter will advise you on the procedure to follow. She will also be responsible for drafting functional specifications precisely marking out the contours of your project. This is reassuring for the customer.
  • Do you want long-term support? Once your site/software is online you may need advice or make changes. The service provider you choose must be able to respond to these requests. Indeed, He designed the software, so he will be best placed to make the requested modifications or integrations.


For more than 15 years, the C2M team has been offering its expertise in digital development. Specializing in design, our multidisciplinary team supports its clients throughout their projects. Whether upstream, during and downstream.


With its wealth of experience, c2m has been able to carry out many types of projects and has a 360 vision. We work for all types of clients: Large accounts, public administrations, communication agencies, VSE-SME-PMI. Do not hesitate to consult  our references .


From the development of the functional specifications, to the delivery of the project through the design and testing phases, the C2M team guides you. We study your request to offer you the best solutions. Once your project has been delivered, our team offers you digital training to explain how your new tool works.


In short, if you have a digital project in mind, our team is here to support you. Do you have any specific questions? It is for this purpose that C2M is at your disposal to carry out a free diagnosis. If you would like support so as not to make a mistake or to find out more, we invite you to contact the C2M experts .

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