Alkhadim – Human Resources Management


Human Resources Management

Ensure structuring, storage, updating and processing

The program which allows these users efficient management of agents and their movements as well as documents eliminating the use of paper files and replacing them with databases which facilitates the work of employees.

In fact, this application presents a self-management tool 

a management program dedicated to public administrations, it allows

In particular:

  • Offer Civil servant management. (Adds and advances…)
  • Multi-criteria searches;
  • Manage civil servants’ leave and authorizations;
  • Manage annual notes
  • Processing of mail related to human resources linked to the mail management application;
  • Display and print statistics related to human resources (workforce, management, payroll, etc.);
  • Certification management
  • Prepared the necessary States.

   easy configuration when changing data and calculation methods.
This will save time and resources for administrations concerned about their efficiency and the quality of their services.

  1. Texts and principles

This link displays the list of texts and principles image (1) above.

Each line of the latter allows us to:

  • Edit line
  • Delete it
  • And also have an “  Add  ” button to insert the new data
NB:  Same thing for  the other links  and  the Continuing Training  and  Reviews links  
  • Civil servants
    • Progress tables
    • Requests and forms
    • Charitable works
    • Joint Commissions
  • Formation Continue
    • Requirements Forms
    • Seminars
    • Calls for applications
  • Notice
    • Notice
    • Professional Aptitude Examinations
    • Hiring contest
    • Results
  • Profiles and Contacts
    • Users

This link displays the list of users of the application image (1) above.


Each line of the latter allows us to:

  • Edit user
  • Delete it
  • And also have an “  Add  ” button to insert a new user. Image (2) above.
  • Add User:  Image (2) below.