Cyber Security Services

Identify and mitigate threats to your digital assets so you can reduce the impact, minimize costs and losses, and prevent further attacks in a rapidly changing environment.

We Will Help You

Reduce compliance burden

Evaluate Your Business Processes, Products & Systems from an Independent Expert’s Point of View – In Compliance with Industry Cyber Security Standards and Regulations. Define Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities for Improvement. Implement Security Controls to Ensure Business Resilience in the Face of Risk.

Increase attack survivability

We're here to help you identify and resolve Cyber Security concerns before your product launch. By integrating security measures early in the A-S-SDLC, you'll ensure intentional design and default settings for maximum quality and security. This will protect your brand reputation and prevent penalties and risks.

Ensure the effectiveness of security controls

MorccanApp security services assist you in validating the efficiency of your security measures, enabling you to sustain your operations and achieve your primary business objectives. Our team will evaluate the effectiveness of your controls in intricate environments, advanced IT infrastructures, and crucial applications with high visibility.

Improve corporate Cyber Security posture

We will assist you in navigating a systematic procedure to assess the risks linked to your operation. We analyze the utilization of informational assets, evaluate the corresponding risks, and implement necessary measures to mitigate them.

Develop a robust security strategy

Our Cybersecurity team plays a crucial role in assisting you in pinpointing the underlying causes of your vulnerabilities. They will work diligently to create comprehensive remediation strategies that focus on long-term strategic enhancements rather than short-term quick fixes.


Discover Threats and minimize Losses with MoroccanApp Cyber Security Services

What We Do

Our commitment to product development goes beyond conventional methods. We take the lead by making substantial investments in open-source solutions, such as contributing to the Elixir ecosystem. With our team of exceptional engineers, we are prepared to enhance your team and streamline your processes, enabling you to fully capitalize on future opportunities.


Discovery: to maximize project efficiency

Version 1: In the phase of 'discovery', conducting an initial assessment and analyzing the data-flow of the process, product, or system under consideration will enable us to establish a shared comprehension of your project. Subsequently, we will be able to precisely evaluate the resources needed.

Assessment & Testing

Assessment & Testing: to spot and close gaps and non-conformities

Throughout the evaluation, we will thoroughly assess the process, product, or system under consideration, aiming to evaluate processing activities, preparedness, and any potential deficiencies.


Analysis: to define the gaps and right solutions

Our team of professionals performs a comprehensive examination to elucidate your concerns and requirements, identify possible risks, and discover untapped business prospects. Through this analysis, we are able to identify distinctive technological solutions that enable you to leverage cutting-edge advancements in the security industry.


Reporting: reveal gaps and make strategic recommendations

The security team at MoroccanApp will thoroughly assess the data from your 'analysis'. Subsequently, we will customize a technological solution that caters to your unique needs. This solution will encompass a range of services aimed at addressing vulnerabilities and offering improvements.



Implementation: working with you to implement solutions

Our team of security professionals will collaborate closely with you to integrate innovative solutions, services, and suggestions. We will assist you in seamlessly adopting new security systems, processes, and policies, enabling you to stay ahead of potential threats and enhance your organization's effectiveness.

Managed services

Managed services: getting the most from your solution

We guarantee that your implemented solution will meet your requirements. Our team can assist you in adjusting to evolving business scenarios by making necessary security modifications and offering continuous performance reporting and recommendations through a dedicated security service manager.