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Gcabinetv  is a client server application developed in PHP (latest version). It allows the automated management of the activities of a Veterinary Practice.
The simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface provides easy access to the powerful functions of the software. In addition to the configuration and administration functionalities, it ensures the management of:

  • Avian examination requests.
  • Water analysis requests.
  • Hatchery control requests.
  • Requests for bacteriological/chemical control of food.
  • Orders.

As well as the edition of several summary reports relating to pathology statistics or the activity of the  Veterinary Practice .

How to start?

The application procedure begins with entering customer information (the breeders), after saving it you can assign one or more breedings to it by clicking on the image, After adding the breeder to the application automatically redirects the user to the list of breedings sorted by the last ones recorded.

In the list of breedings, find in the operation box the icon which allows you to list the examinations assigned to the breeding.

For each breeding we can assign 4 types of examination:

  • The avian examination.
  • Water analysis.
  • Hatchery control.
  • Food control.
  • 1. Avian examination:
    The avian examination request page displays a form for entering information on the examination request and displays a list of check boxes to choose the different types of examinations requested. In an avian examination we distinguish between 5 examinations:
    • Pest control.
    • Autopsy.
    • Serodiagnosis.
    • Antibiogram.
    • Mycological.
    All avian examinations are accessible via the examination menu, the user can return to the examinations at any time and modify the results.
  • 2. Water analysis:
    To carry out a new water analysis, simply click on its icon in the list of farms. After completing the water request, the user can begin to enter the result and the water measurements. Bacteriological analysis or chemical analysis by clicking on the icon.
  • 3. Food control:
    After clicking on the icon in the line of the farm concerned, the application asks for the control date to be entered and redirects the user to the results entry page by choosing the food concerned and entering their measurements from bacteriological analysis and chemical analyses. Foods can be configured in the configuration section.
  • 4. Hatchery control:
    The hatchery control request page allows the user to enter the result of several objects at the same time by clicking each time on the validate button to add the controlled object to the list of existing objects with the total flora molds and Staphylococci and Fungi and fecal streptococci and the Salmonella result found. The results can be modified subsequently with the possibility of writing an observation on the hatchery control.


Among the advantages and characteristics of the application is that it facilitates the manipulation of all the elements that the user uses in the different exams. In the configuration menu we access to configure:

  • Users who can log in.
  • The examinations, organs, lesions concerned in the autopsy examination.
  • Measurements of germs and chemical quantities in water analysis.
  • Strains, Spaces, and Foods.
  • Management of the provinces.
  • Initialization of the reference sequences assigned to the exams.
  • Modify and classify the different diagnoses and pathologies.


Gcabinetv includes a secure method for managing roles and access rights between connected users. There are three types of privileges:

  • User: this user can consult edit add data but without deleting it.
  • User+: this user can consult, edit, add, delete data but without being able to access the configuration page.
  • Admin: this is the administrator of the application, he has all the access rights.

The states

The application provides several summary and calculation reports for each exam. The reports are well formed and structured and they can be printed with or without a header with the possibility of sending them by email to the client. Thus the application provides a set of statistics of all examinations between two dates in the printing menu, and also a general statistic on the sensitivity of antibiotics used between two dates which can be found in the configuration menu.


The application provides an automatic option to send the results in PDF format, the file is well secured and impossible to modify, and it is sent as an attachment in an email to customers so that they can consult these results in the as soon as possible.

The procedure is simple, the user must click on the header of the report, a checked box appears which allows you to add or remove the header, then in the browser toolbar the icon allows you to convert the result in PDF format, another click on the image sends the result automatically to the client.

  • Viewing the activity log
  • Viewing information about statistical reports
  • Management of activity collections
  • Entering activities created manually in activity management