Alkhadim – Consumption



Complements Alkhadim projects and inventions, a unique and intelligent invention .

When installing this system, the responsible lighting agent sets the times that the clock uses to turn the light on or off after Al maghreb, before and after Alfajer. Automatically throughout the year and throughout the world, the system adapts to different changes in time, sunrise and sunset, without any human intervention.

Thanks to a photosensor, this innovation remains operational even in the presence of thick cloud cover or a local eclipse to ensure the safety of people and locals in all conditions.

The invention is useful for achieving annual energy savings, on the order of 10% to 20%, depending on latitude and altitude relative to existing controls that may be in place. This represents a very significant energy saving without causing comfort or safety problems.

Why “Alkhadim Consumption”?

“Alkhadim consumption” complements Alkhadim projects and inventions, a unique and intelligent invention, which helps to rationalize electricity consumption by up to 30%:

  • Easy to control.
  • Automate all kinds of lighting.
  • Essentially focused on the rationalization of electrical energy.
  • A very cost effective product for energy and its cost is very reasonable.
  • Effective protection and uninterrupted operation.
  • The device is not affected by the power outage and if it lasts for several days.