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Car Rental


The car rental management application is software allowing the management of all tasks carried out in a car rental company from booking to invoicing as well as fleet management. The application is multi-station, multi-user. When running the program, each user can access it by typing the user code and password to access the menu items to which they are entitled. If the user types their information correctly, another form opens giving information regarding the status of the fleet. Thus the user can consult the different menu items to which he is entitled, namely


This part deals with all the states representing the list of cars:

  • In circulation, that is to say any rented vehicle and its rental contract has not yet been returned to the company.
  • Available for rental, in other words any vehicle that can be rented at any time.
  • In return, that is to say the rental date has expired.
  • Not available for rental, i.e. any garaged vehicle and cannot be rented.
  • Need draining.
  • Need a tire change, this list is obtained against a predefined counter.
  • Need the technical visit, this list is obtained in relation to the expiration date of the validity of the technical visit.
  • Need insurance renewal this list is obtained in relation to the expiration date of the validity of the insurance.
  • In the state of avian examinations are accessible via the examination menu, at any time the user can return and modify the results.

Management :

Includes all the basic elements:

  • Company:
    Useful when working in multiple Companies and includes the basic information for each: the code; the name ; responsible ; address ; phone ; fax; E-mail, in add, modify, consult, delete and lists mode.
  • Agencies:
    Useful when working in multiple agencies and includes the basic information for each: the code; the name ; responsible ; address ; phone ; fax; E-mail, in add, modify, consult, delete and lists mode.
  • Car:
    The vehicle file is in fact a detailed file which includes all the information concerning vehicles with all the details: brand, category, model, photos
  • Client:
    Includes all the information specific to each client: code, name, address, telephone, email, tax number… in different modes (addition, modification, deletion, consultation, list).
  • Billing:
    The billing file allows you to bill the different types of contracts (rental, excursion, transfer and provision) by applying the rates indicated in the rate file as well as to list the different invoices.

Expenses and Reservation:

It includes the different types of reservations and in different modes as well as the reservation states (reservations canceled, confirmed, no show, etc.). Each reservation includes information regarding the customer, the rental period, the brands to be rented, the customers who will use the vehicles as well as the availability of vehicles for each brand by displaying explanatory lists.



  • Includes a detailed description of the indicated contract as well as statistics specific to this contract.

Without Contract:

  • Includes list of sub-rental contracts.

The second section:

Allows you to update the vehicle insurance, it affects the various information concerning the vehicle (meter, agency, vehicle charges) and affects the data concerning the insurance. The application keeps the history of movements made in the event of a vehicle sale, this can be modified, deleted or consulted. (This last remark concerns all update sections).


The contract file includes all the data specific to the vehicles to be rented (the technical sheet as well as other information) and all the data specific to the reservation (if applicable) indicated in the file. Please note that during contracts, whether exit or returns, there is an automatic update of data specific to the vehicle such as the rental status (in circulation, at rest, available), the meter, the level of gasoline. And its data appears in the vehicle file.

User :

The user file allows the management of application users by indicating basic information such as code, name, password, in different modes (addition, modification, deletion, consultation and list) as well as the management of access rights by indicating for each user the different menu items that they have the right to assign.


payments made by customers of invoices published in the invoicing file, it includes the following elements:

Payment of invoices:

  • They include the list of invoices not closed for the customer, they allow new payments to be indicated.

Extract :

  • Includes the list of invoices and payments made on invoices by the customer during the indicated period.

Detailed extract:

  • Includes the list of invoices and details of payments made on invoices by the customer during the period indicated.

List of payments and list of payments by customer:

  • Includes the list of payments made as well as the totals by payment average.

Car sale:

This part of the application allows the management of sales operations and fleet profitability. It includes the possibility of transferring a vehicle at the end of its circulation to the sales department. You can access the list of these by choosing the first section. To be able to transfer these vehicles, you use the second section assigned a price. These records can be modified, deleted, or consulted using the list of vehicles to the sales department.

  • Data concerning the sale (Buyer, date of sale, method of payment…) can also be recorded using two sales methods:
    • Cash
    • By trancheIn this method, the tranches are automatically calculated, their dates are set in the schedule table.A list of vehicles sold is also available with the possibility of searching according to different criteria, the overview of which is as follows.Finally, we can access a complete balance sheet describing all vehicle expenses and income as well as their purchase and sale prices.