Alkhadim – Market



The market is a contract concluded between, on the one hand, a project owner and, on the other hand, a natural or legal person called a contractor, supplier or service provider whose purpose is the execution of work, the delivery of supplies or provision of services.

There are several types of markets which are managed in this module, namely:

  • Works contract  : any contract whose purpose is the execution of work linked to the construction, reconstruction, demolition, repair or renovation of a building, work or structure, such as as site preparation, earthworks, erection, construction, installation of equipment or materials, decoration and finishing, as well as services incidental to the work such as drilling, topographical surveys, photography and film taking, seismic studies and similar services provided under the contract, if the value of these services does not exceed that of the works themselves.
  • Supply market  : any contract having as its object the purchase, leasing, rental or hire purchase with or without option to purchase products or materials between a project owner and a supplier. The delivery of products may include, as an accessory, installation and installation work necessary to carry out the service.

Service contract:  any contract whose purpose is the provision of services which cannot be classified as works or supplies.

The project monitoring system allows decision-makers and managers to be aware of the status of each project for which project management is carried out, the elements of the technical service of:

– Populate the database with the list of provincial projects: title, project manager, design office, work launch date, bid opening date, project duration, project cost, municipality, the status (in progress, completed, overdue, etc.) and any information deemed useful communicated by the service;

– Automatic integration of the contract sequence from creation and evaluation of needs to reception, including execution ( see attached diagram );

– Joint management with the accounting department of a single mixed database: technical component management;

– Carry out multi-criteria searches by: Project progress, subject, governing agreement, location, etc.

– Update the status of projects;

– Highlight dashboards relating to project execution.

– Consult and process letters