Billing Software

Invoice quickly and efficiently with powerful software.

• Easily create your quotes and transform them into invoices with a single click
• Personalize your documents with your logo and your layout
• Send them by email in one click and will notify you of the opening
• Your customers can access their documents in their protected space

alkhadim billing software

will make your life easier in the following aspects:
• Security: Having your data on a single online medium allows you to keep it and save it instantly.
• Productivity: If you want your salespeople to be more productive, make their tasks easier and let them focus on conversion rather than administrative tasks.
• Information sharing: If your employees spend time collecting prospect and customer information from their colleagues and cannot access it at any time, then forget about performance.
• Customer relations: The CRM allows you to have clear visibility on all interactions and exchanges carried out with customers (sending emails, responding to complaints, etc.)
• Mobility: An online CRM allows the entire team, everyone, according to their rights, to access the information they need to monitor their files from the office, on the move via simple internet access on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
• Statistics: Alkhadim presents you, in a simple and intuitive way, with a clear situation of your business in real time. Simple and understandable reports are at your disposal.
• Accounting follow-up: You will no longer have to waste time explaining your situation to your accountant.
• Collection: Alkhadim allows you to have real-time status of your collection situation (due invoices, invoices due in 30, 60 days or more).