Elixir Engineering Consulting & Staffing

Exceptional digital experiences are driven by exceptional technology and the technical expertise required to guarantee flawless functionality. This is precisely where our expertise lies. Enhance your team with the proficient MoroccanApp engineers and construct with utmost assurance. Whether you require proficient architectural guidance, enhancements in code quality, assistance in elevating your team’s proficiency in technology best practices, or additional support during demanding periods, we are fully committed to providing comprehensive solutions for all your needs.

Future-Proof Performance

Make sure your application has everything it needs to run smoothly. No matter what stage your product is at, we will collaborate with you to create an application architecture and technology stack that can meet your requirements now and in the future. As pioneers in the Elixir community, we have a good sense of what's next (because we're building it).


Supercharge Your Staff

Train your team with expert advice from our trained engineers to help them advance their skills or feel more comfortable with a new language or framework.

Collaborate with Experts.

Not only do we use cutting-edge techniques in product development, but we lead the way by investing heavily in open source solutions (e.g. contributing to Elixir’s ecosystem). Our top-tier engineers are prepared to upgrade your team and workflow so you can reap the full benefits of the future.


Technical Consulting & Execution

Our expert engineers solve complex technical issues for some of the most innovative companies in the world. Whether you require someone to analyze your application architecture, define the technical roadmap, or speed up development, we are prepared to work with you and your team on back-end systems, as well as user-facing product functionalities.


Support & Mentoring

MoroccanApp engineers offer a unique approach to training and development. Instead of relying on traditional courses and workshops, they provide continuous mentoring, feedback, and in-context guidance. By immersing themselves in your team and actively participating in the development of your application, they offer practical advice and ongoing support. Through pairing sessions, technical discussions, code reviews, and conversations about your team's environment and challenges, you can ensure that you are delivering against your product roadmap. Whether you need a refresher on best practices or are looking for long-term success, our engineers are here to set you up for success.


Architecture Engineering Consulting & Staffing

Do you need to validate that your application is based on well-defined architecture and design patterns, or do you need help solving performance bottlenecks that are preventing your product from succeeding?

MoroccanApp can perform an audit of your current codebase, or work with your team to design a new application architecture so you don’t have to deal with expensive refactors in the future.