Alkhadim – Stock



Stock Management is stock software suitable for all types of stock. Whether you are an individual or a professional, stock management will help you manage your stock in a modern and secure way. Everything is done to monitor your stock from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Help is available in a “PDF” file. By design, it is easy to find an item in stock and know its storage location. Each item can be associated with a destination and have its photo in JPG format. When leaving stock, an invoice or an exit voucher can be issued. All stock movements are recorded in an archive that can be consulted at any time. In stock management the data to be provided are suppliers, customers, stock units, storage locations, family, VAT and imputations. When an item is ordered in batches, a setting allows you to create a price per piece and a coefficient can be added to each price, which makes a stock unit and an order unit.

  • Instantly view the actual status of your stock.
  • Perform inputs and outputs reliably and intuitively.
  • Very easily carry out sorting and exporting to Excel.
  • Add specific features to your business.
  • Carry out your inventories easily and without risk.
  • Plan stock entries and exits in advance.
  • Manage production according to your nomenclature.
  • Etc.