ALkhadim – Civil status


Civil Status

Computer program

As part of good concentrated governance, we offer computer programs aimed at facilitating the work of civil servants within divisions and services, for the benefit of the citizen and also the administration in a short time and of good quality.
ALKHADIM: Civil Status Program .

This computer program accredited by the majority of communes and municipalities aimed at managing automated civil status files in order to access all administrative documents concerning civil status.


Technical and technological needs

The civil status software is a thin client application that is WEB compliant and implements an RIA (Rich Internet Application) technique which can be deployed on server versions of the Windows operating system from version 2003 or all operating systems of linux. for client workstation: software run from Pentium 4 PCs (512 ram, 20 g disk, etc.), Compatible with all Windows Systems (xp, Win7, Win8, Windows server) or Linux.

Functional needs

The civil status software covers the following functional areas:

Data Entries

  • Resumption of the architecture of registers in computer format taking into consideration the different types of registers which exist and which have existed.
  • Entry of birth and death certificates including useful information for drawing documents and for statistics.
  • Accompanying the documents with a scanned copy of the original document.
  • Updating deed data by integrating marginal notices. These marginal notices must respect the form defined by Moroccan law and the software must offer as many types of marginal notices as possible.


  • The application must allow the printing of all civil status certificates.
  • The application must allow tracking of printing activity.
  • The application must allow the printing of various certificates relating to the monitoring of the citizen’s civil status.


  • The application must generate statistics produced by the civil status service to the various public organizations.
  • The application must allow printing of statistical results.

Citizen monitoring

  • The application must offer a way to keep track of the citizen’s marital status by including scanned copies of the various certificates that they can present.

User Management

  • The application must allow the creation, modification and deletion of users according to profiles which guarantee security against intrusion and denial of access.