What Content Should You Offer on Your Website?

What Content Should You Offer on Your Website?

You have decided to create a site for your business, you have received service providers and now you are wondering what you should say or put in the pages you plan to create? Here is an article that explains what is interesting to say on your company’s website.

Introduce yourself in detail

Most entrepreneurs suffer from blank page syndrome when it comes to presenting their business (on the Internet or elsewhere). You often have the impression of stating the obvious and yet, if you know your company perfectly, the products and/or services it offers, etc., this is not necessarily the case for your customers and even less of your prospects!

So don’t be afraid to talk about things that seem obvious to you , the little things will perhaps be the arguments that will touch your prospects the most.

Remember to  clearly name your activities  : you are a florist, say so; you repair household appliances, let people know. Do not hesitate to detail all your fields of action, your area of ​​intervention, etc. Also talk about your additional activities or the services that you can provide in addition to your customers.

Ideally, you should offer  one page per activity, with fairly extensive content  that explains what you do of course but also your unique way of doing it which demonstrates to your prospects the interest in working with you.
You must present your arguments and highlight your strengths! After all, your site is your digital salesperson, it is he who will convince your prospects to contact you to work with you.

Let’s take the example of Marie who manages a gourmet restaurant which has a centuries-old cellar in which a special room has been set up. Its website could be broken down like this:

  • a home page in which it presents the key elements of the restaurant
  • a page on which she traces the history of her restaurant established for almost a century in her city
  • a page dedicated to its team which presents, among other things, the career of its starred chef and its renowned sommelier
  • a page presenting the restaurant’s menu, menus and cellar
  • a page dedicated to reservations indicating how to reserve a table, how to reserve as a group or privatize the restaurant and how to offer a meal in your restaurant as a gift
  • a page presenting the cellar room which indicates that tastings can be organized there with the restaurant sommelier and seminars or meetings for companies
  • a gallery offers photos of the place and dishes
  • a contact page contains all the information necessary to get to the restaurant or make contact, it also presents links to the company’s social networks

Don’t copy, use your own words

One of the golden rules when writing content for the Internet is not to copy your competitors, your supplier…

While it is good to know what your competitors say on their site, the way they approach things, the arguments they put forward, etc., it is absolutely not relevant to copy/paste their content on your site.

First,  it’s not good for your SEO  since Google analyzes and detects similar content and penalizes the sites that offer it. You therefore risk never seeing your site appear in the first pages of Google results if you choose the easy option.

On the other hand,  it’s not good for your business . Put yourself in the place of your prospect looking for a company like yours and who will visit one, two, three sites which will offer them essentially the same content, the same information, the same arguments….H ow to make a choice ? Why choose your business rather than that of a competitor? The only reason that can motivate your choice in this case will be the price. And that’s probably not what interests you. You must therefore focus on  highlighting YOUR company, its unique know-how, its strengths  so that the prospects who interest you know in a few seconds that they are on the right site, that they have found the professional who understands and meets their expectations.

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