The Best Online Invoicing Software in 2024

The Best Online Invoicing Software in 2024

Are you looking for online invoicing software that fits your business and your budget? Here are the Best Online Invoicing Software in 2020.

We have selected for you software adapted to different statuses (self-employed, companies), different professions (freelancers, craftsmen, service companies, liberal professions, etc.).

Compare and choose the invoicing software that best suits your needs and your legal status. Find out how to choose the best invoicing software with our detailed guide.

Quickbooks: complete online management software for VSEs and SMEs and the self-employed

Why we selected it

Quickbooks is online invoicing and management software suitable for freelancers, VSEs and SMEs. Bank synchronization, invoice recognition and the cash flow and turnover monitoring table allow you to monitor your daily activity. We therefore appreciate being able to:

  • Many features
  • 100% online software
  • Bank synchronization

Freebe: software dedicated to freelancers

Freebe is quote-invoice software for self-employed freelancers. We appreciate the bank synchronization and the possibility of making URSSAF declarations automatically.

  • Very comprehensive quote & invoicing software
  • 60 days FREE with code INDE60
  • Integration with your bank

Evoliz: complete management software for VSE-SMEs and self-employed people

Evoliz is simple invoicing software that has been on the market since 2011. Rather complete, it allows you to manage quotes, invoices but also accounting in a customizable and collaborative interface. Suitable for independents, VSE-SMEs but also associations.

  • 100% French, customizable, scalable and collaborative
  • Complete management tool
  • Automated processes

Tolteck: online invoicing software dedicated to building craftsmen

Why we selected it

Tolteck is invoicing software dedicated to craftsmen, whose specific functionalities (material models, works, etc.) have already enabled it to convince more than 14,000 craftsmen who use it on a daily basis to manage their activity.

  • Accessible on all devices
  • Accessible even offline
  • Very simple and effective

Henriri: free online invoicing software

it is published by the Rivalis company, a specialist in executive support. A good choice if you are looking for free, certified and ad-free invoicing software. Be careful though, Henriri still cannot be used on smartphones.

Henriri is a good invoicing software, but it is clearly not as good for accounting management. We therefore note the absence of bank synchronization, management of expense reports, management of supplier invoices, etc. Those who wish to combine invoicing management and accounting management under a single tool will have to turn to more comprehensive software. To do this, do not hesitate to take a look at our comparison of the invoicing software that we have had the opportunity to test for the moment.

Why choose online invoicing software?

When you are an entrepreneur, invoicing is an integral part of the daily management of your business, whether you like it or not… The tools to manage your management and particularly invoicing are numerous, and it is sometimes difficult to know which one to choose. and how to optimize this task. In our opinion, online invoicing software has many advantages.

Save time on invoicing

Reducing the time spent on invoicing to be able to concentrate on your core business is the first advantage. Most online quote and invoice software allows you to save time thanks to:

  • automation of administrative procedures (URSSAF declaration, VAT, etc.)
  • process automation: sending documents by email, automatic reminders of unpaid debts, etc.
  • quote and invoice models already available (and customizable)
  • the possibility of creating product/service catalogs, customer/contact lists
  • synchronization with the bank to automatically generate expense/revenue records

Secure your data

By choosing online software you benefit from backup of your data on secure servers.

Compare invoicing softwareFind the invoicing software suited to your status and budgetCOMPARE

Online invoicing software offers the ability to access multiple accounts from different computers. Thus, an employee or your accountant can also consult and work on the same shared tool.

Work from anywhere

A computer, tablet or mobile and an internet connection is all you need to create quotes and invoice online. So you can connect from anywhere in the world, from any computer. This will particularly suit nomadic entrepreneurs. 

Respect standards and laws

This is the last advantage of using online invoicing software, and not the least. To best meet market needs, invoicing software must comply with the latest legal obligations.

Thus, they will always comply with the latest standards, such as the anti-VAT fraud law for example. The quote and invoice models contain the mandatory legal information, the accounting documents are generated in accordance with the latest recommendations or obligations, etc. This saves you from having to worry about these questions.

On the other hand, this software has the advantage of performing updates automatically. You therefore always benefit from the latest version of the software, without having to download anything.

What are the alternatives to online invoicing software?

Using an Excel spreadsheet is still quite common, especially for entrepreneurs less attracted to new technology. However, this manual work often involves errors, wasted time and archiving difficulties. On the other hand, with the latest legal standards, particularly in terms of VAT, some of you are obliged to use software approved by the State.

You may also be tempted to use quote templates, invoices, purchase orders, etc. found on the internet or even a paper biller. However, there is no guarantee that these models comply with current standards. So at your own risk! If your business documents do not comply with legal requirements, you will have no recourse during an audit.

Finally, there is also invoicing software to download. Although they generally offer the same features as online invoicing, they also have disadvantages:

  • Obligation to download updates manually, or even download/purchase the latest version of the software
  • Used in local version, that is to say only from the computer on which it is installed.

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