The Best Free Invoicing Software

The Best Free Invoicing Software

Are you looking for free invoicing software to save time creating your quotes and invoices without breaking the bank? Do you want to leave Excel or your traditional biller aside to limit invoicing errors and improve your professional image?

So don’t wait any longer, and let yourself be guided to choose the best free invoicing software!

To help you, we have separated them into 2 categories: those for everyone, and those reserved for self-employed people.

Before going into detail, let’s mention the limitations that we have observed with free invoicing software:

  • Free software isn’t really free . As the saying goes, “when it’s free, you’re the product.” Beyond some hidden costs, most companies that provide free tools do so to sell you other services or include advertising. The sales pressure you will experience varies from one tool to another, but keep this in mind when making your choice.
  • Free today does not necessarily mean free tomorrow
  • Support is often limited (or non-existent)

To avoid these problems, it may be wise to invest in a paid tool, which is why we present here the best free invoicing software, but also some paid (but inexpensive) and more complete alternatives, which you can also try it for free for at least 30 days, or even more…

The Best Free Invoicing Software (For Everyone)

For this selection of software, we focused on those with at least one 100% free version, and excluded those which offer free trials, but which become paid after a certain time (sometimes 7 days, sometimes 30 days ).


Henriri is the first free invoicing software in our selection.

It is published by the company Rivalis, a specialist in supporting managers for more than 20 years in France. This is reflected in the presence of numerous activity monitoring dashboards (in addition to the classic quote and invoicing functionalities).

A good choice if you are looking for certified , free, online invoicing software  with no usage limits and no advertising. Be careful though, Henriri still cannot be used on smartphones.

I run my business

Je Pilote (or Je Pilote Mon Entreprise if you prefer the long name) is a free quote and invoicing software with no usage limits.

This software is aimed at self-employed people, small businesses and startups, associations… All statuses seem accepted!

It therefore deserves its place in our selection of the best free invoicing software, especially if we consider all the management features to which you will also have access for free (because yes, Je Pilote is much more than a simple invoicing tool): Accounting, cash flow monitoring, dashboards, VAT management.

This is the free (and simple) invoicing software offered by the founders of the freelance platforms, and to freelance users of their services. is nevertheless open to everyone, without limits, and for all statuses (self-employed, SASU, EURL, etc.).

Rather easy to use, it allows you to quickly create quotes, invoices and credit notes online and even has a “dashboard” functionality that allows you to monitor your activity. Only downside: advertising (rather discreet) for the sites of the group.

The alternatives

To continue this list of free invoicing software, let’s cite some also free alternatives that we have considered:

  • Zervant: free invoicing software for up to 10 clients only.
  • Kafeo: quote and invoicing software to download, free in its basic version
  • Gestan: the Standard version (download) of the management software is free and includes a quote and invoice module.
  • VosFactures: the free version is limited, but the software is complete and simple and worth the few euros per month of the first version.

Let’s finally finish with two interesting alternatives: Quickbooks and Evoliz. Of course, they are not free (from around €10 per month), but the investment will allow you to access more management features (accounting, cash flow monitoring, expense reports). The monthly time savings that you free up for your activity quickly make the few euros spent each month profitable, and you are guaranteed to have a long-lasting solution and support present from A to Z.

Compare invoicing softwareFind the invoicing software suited to your status and budgetCOMPARE

The best free invoicing software (for self-employed)

As a self-employed person, you are lucky. Your accounting is simplified, and good free self-employed invoicing software also allows you to generate revenue and expense books most of the time.


Funny name for invoicing software (especially free)!

In any case, ILoveTax offers free unlimited quotes and invoices, and a dashboard. However, you will have to pay €3 per month to access the banking connection and simplified accounting.


The latest arrival on the market of free invoicing software for micro-businesses, Kolirys is published by a Lyon company.

We haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet, but Kolyris has some arguments to please, at least on paper.

It is in fact certified as compliant with the anti-VAT fraud law, and offers functionalities that go beyond simple invoicing (scheduling management, customer management, accounting, etc.).

Tiime AE

Developed by the company Tiime, Tiime AE is free invoicing software intended for self-employed people only.

At Tiime AE, no usage limits, and some valuable features such as monitoring VAT thresholds and contributions.

For consultants or freelancers with a different status (EURL, SASU, EI), the same company is currently developing Tiime Invoice, but the application (web and mobile) still lacks some features (notably the possibility of saving services) .

  • myAE: invoicing software for micro-enterprises and associations, free for up to 10 customers/suppliers and 10 suppliers and €2,000 in invoicing over 12 floating months
  • myAE: unlimited quotes and invoices, reminders included, but no technical support in the free version

Let’s also end this section with one of the best choices for self-entrepreneurs in 2020: Freebe.

Freebe is certainly paid, but our readers can test it for free for 90 days with the code INDE90. If after your trial you continue, it costs only €7 per month for a very advanced management tool, without limits, and dedicated especially to self-employed people.

Do the calculation yourself, but it seems to us that the time saved thanks to features such as the automatic declaration of your turnover or even the automatic calculation of contributions is very quickly profitable. To find out more, see our detailed Freebe review.

How to choose the best invoicing software for your business?

Choosing the best software depends on several factors, which we will detail a little here, and which will help you choose the best free invoicing software for you.

Legal form / type of business

We have already mentioned the difference between tools for self-employed people only and those for everyone, but the reality is even more complex.

Depending on your business size, sector of activity, but also your growth ambitions, the choice of good invoicing software will not be the same.

Compare invoicing softwareFind the invoicing software suited to your status and budgetCOMPARE

For a small business or an individual entrepreneur who issues few invoices, choose simple, and start with free. Do you manage an SME or a start-up? Instead, consider a more sophisticated tool (even if it means paying for it), which will allow you to manage your accounting, your  CRM , etc.


All the invoicing software that we have mentioned allows you to manage at least the basics:

  • Edit and issue quotes and invoices
  • Store these documents
  • Manage your customers (at least in a simple way

Beyond these features, each software allows (or limits) other features, which will therefore be criteria of choice if you really need them.

Let’s take an example: You manage a business that has large inventories. You need inventory management and invoicing software. A simple invoicing tool won’t be enough, and instead we advise you to invest in a tool that allows you to manage all of this in one place.

The type of software

Here, you will generally have two choices: software to download or online software.

In the first case, make sure that the version is compatible with your computer (Windows or Mac). No connection required to use it, but the downside is that you won’t be able to access it remotely.

In the second case, you will need an internet connection to edit your invoices, but you can do it from anywhere, including from your mobile if the software offers a version available on smartphone or an iOs or Android application.

Customer support

Another selection criterion is the support. In the majority of cases, free tools obviously do not offer the level of support that you will have with a paid tool.

If you are comfortable with this type of software, no problem, but if you produce invoices in large quantities, and sometimes in very specific cases, it can quickly become profitable to pay a few euros per month to access a rapid support that will help you resolve situations more quickly.

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