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How to Start a Business in Morocco?

C2M explains how to create a company in Morocco and provides all the information on the legal structure of the company and the procedures that lead to the creation of the company. Whether you are an entrepreneur or business manager, before embarking on administrative procedures, take great care to ensure that you have enough demand to make a profit in your target niche. Do market research.

The most common legal form of a Moroccan company is the Société Anonyme SA or Société A Responsible Limitée SARL. The Limited Company has capital of at least 3 million dirhams divided into at least 100 dirham shares. This legal form requires a minimum of five shareholders, who are responsible in proportion to their contributions. Limited liability companies are made up of a maximum of five partners, and the liability of each partner is limited to their contributions. The starting capital must be at least 10,000 dirhams and the shares must be at least 100 dirhams. Although less common, other legal forms are defined by the Kingdom of Morocco as follows: B. Simple limited partnership composed of limited or general partners. The company is characterized by the fact that each shareholder is responsible for the company’s liabilities.

The Collective Company brings together traders who are also responsible for the company’s social debt. Finally, the Société en Commandite par Action is a commercial company split into shares. If your project is viable and you are thinking about how to create a business in Morocco, know that it is simpler than it seems. Once you have selected the best status for your activity, you will need to register your company in the commercial register and pay around 200 dirhams stamps and search fees.

After the company is registered, the articles of incorporation must be filed with the district court of each city within 30 days. For companies such as SA and SARL, the subscription money must be deposited in a bank in order to obtain a money block certificate sent to a notary public to formally prove payment. Before starting any activity, the company must register with the tax administration to declare to the Public Treasury, regardless of its status. This will be followed by registration in the commercial register, registration of individual companies with the IS or IRG, then registration with the commercial inspector, with social security, and finally with the court register.

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