Creation and design of your website

Creation and design of your website

Do you want to create your site and don’t know where to go.. then you are in the best place, The first thing to do is website design.

We design for you the website that will represent your activity. By being present on the internet, you increase your visibility opportunities and your efficiency. Your customers and new prospects must be able to find you and have access to the information they are looking for. So your site not only supports your business, but it also drives it.

Websites can be grouped into 5 functions:

Whatever your project, we help you  develop a website that reflects your image.

creation and design of your sites

Create a tailor-made website :

The purpose of a website can vary greatly. It is essential that it responds to needs that have been clearly identified. Support from an agency specializing in website development is therefore essential both for the expression of needs (to determine what you want to do), and for the management of the project (advising you on best practices). From the creation of your website from a technical point of view to its availability to the general public, C2M takes into account  your end users, their needs and behaviors  to help you build a unique website that supports your business commercial.

In order to take ownership of your project, we discuss with you to  understand your challenges  and start building your site. Then, we determine a schedule for the different stages. Throughout these, you are involved in delivering a fully personalized site.

Define your site’s goals:

Any website is at the heart of a digital strategy, which is based on results principles. To maximize them, we intervene at the start of the project, but also on sites already made for site redesigns. This helps you define the objectives that your project must meet.

Together, we define the targets your site is aimed at, the messages to be conveyed and the features that will be offered to Internet users. Your site must have a specific role and goals so that it is  useful and profitable for you . We also assume that it will evolve over time according to your commercial and marketing objectives, and build it so that it is  scalable .

Steps for creating a website:

Once the project is clearly defined, the creation of your website goes through 4 essential stages:

  • the definition of visual identity (also called “web design”)
  • web development (or programming)
  • the integration of its content (adding texts, images, videos, etc.)
  • putting it into production (or putting it online)

Each website is unique . Don’t wait any longer to start designing your website, request a  free quote !

Case study:

Creating a site is the culmination of a real journey. We invite you to discover this case study: The redesign of the Vins d’Alsace website to understand how we operate and the support we provide you.

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