B 2 B: 3 steps to boost your sales

B 2 B: 3 steps to boost your sales

  • Selling services or products to companies whose rules are often ignored by the team
  • However, making B2B sales is an easy thing to do!
  • Provided you are well prepared in advance and put in place the right strategy and tools
  • Thus, C2M explains to you how to prepare and succeed in your Be 2B in just 3 steps.

1- Define your target and your objectives

  • Before you start, you should know that selling cannot be impromptu and even less so on market B.
  • Hence the importance of clearly defining how the offer works, identifying the real influencers on the decision, and paying particular attention to adapt your offers to your specific needs.
  • Your strategy can be divided into three axes:
  • Prospect  : 
  • You need to know everything about your potential customers.
  • What is his budget?
  • His hierarchy in the company?
  • What are his needs?
  • What are his activities outside of work?
  • The type of magazine he reads?
  • In short, the more you know about your prospect, the more work you have to do and the longer it takes to close the deal.

Goals  :

  • It is important to set short-term and long-term goals linked to your performance results.
  • First, start by allocating the number of sales made each month to cover your expenses.
  • You can then think about long-term goals, for example increasing your sales by 10% year over year.

The resources mobilized  :

  • Achieving your goal will depend in part on one factor: the number of resources with which you can market your product/service.
  • It is therefore essential that your infrastructure, your budget and your employees can contribute effectively to the growth of your operation.
  • Know how to reward your salespeople for their efforts by setting up a commission system and thanking them for the investment they demonstrate.
  • Sometimes the fast pace of business does it for us, but a simple “thank you” always works because

2- Generate leads

  • This is the crucial step where you need to generate leads.
  • And so you should have an arsenal of weapons to attract potential customers and turn them into customers.
  • Optimize your SEO: Improving your SEO on search engines, particularly in Google, will allow customers to find you on the web.
  • Otherwise, they will never be able to find that you are typing a query.
  • Influence your audience with a call to action: Once you have attracted potential customers through your blog and yours, you need to capture their contact.
  • To do this, call for action on your vehicle!
  • or develop a quote request or a personalized contact form.

3- Establish your sales process

  • To make a successful B2B sale, nothing is left to chance.
  • It is therefore essential to set up a sales process that allows you to conclude your sale as simply as possible.
  • Your sales team must contribute to the implementation of this process because they will have to accept and respect it.
  • It’s up to you to establish the sales process best suited to your product/service and market, here we present 3 sales channels that can help you:
  • Classic pattern: It’s the trilogy – Follow-up by telephone – Meeting in reverse, it’s a proven action in itself.
  • The mailing prepares you at the base, to then make a phone call whose goal is to win
  • Proper shipping and tracking will be an opportunity to sell an appointment.
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