For a good marketing strategy

For a good marketing strategy

Develop a marketing strategy

  • The marketing strategy, also called the marketing strategy, consists of a process of study and reflection with the objective of achieving an optimal match between supply and demand.
  • This approach is at the heart of the company’s strategy.
  • It aims to increase its business by increasing its market share.

Why develop a marketing strategy?

  • A company must create added value while generating profits from its activities.
  • In the past, we created a product and then started marketing without pre-defining who the target was.
  • The markets are not yet saturated and the product will probably be sold.
  • In today’s highly competitive modern economy, the offerings are plentiful.
  • Customers may have many similar options to meet their needs.
  • Demand tends to explode from there in some of the micro-markets where companies need to make targeted offers.
  • Then the marketing strategy intervenes at all levels of the value creation chain:
    • before the production stage, to determine the target and how to reach them (strategic marketing).
    • during the creation stage, in order to determine the product, its price and its distribution method.
    • after creation and production, to communicate with prospects and customers.

The development of any effective and efficient marketing strategy consists of 5 essential steps:

1- Analysis of existing market opportunities (or to be created)

2- Targeting the target clientele

3- The positioning of its offer

4- Determining action plans (marketing MIX)

5- Control and revision of its offer

  • In any case, a marketing strategy should not be a continuum of individual decision-making but should be a general direction.
  • In fact, it must only define all the actions of effort that will have to be made to achieve the objectives.
  • This is why it must be described as clearly, precisely and succinctly as possible.
  • Simultaneously develop a marketing strategy with the help of your various collaborators and partners: the production center, the media department, etc. All people must be involved in the task, because everyone is affected by the given strategy.
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