What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Customer Relationship Management  (CRM)  software  – is a customer database that allows a company to have a clear and constant vision of its customers and future customers (prospects).

It therefore represents all the tools that make it possible to identify prospects  , then  process ,  analyze  and  retain  customers.

The aim is to subsequently ensure  personalized follow-up , offering the best possible quality service.    
This tool therefore makes it possible to place the customer at the heart of the company, by listening to them and having better  knowledge  of their expectations and needs.

It also allows you to better  target  your customers, optimize your working time while  increasing  the company’s  responsiveness and boosting its productivity .

Why use Customer Relationship Management software (CRM)?

Increase customer satisfaction 

  • Be  more efficient  in commercial procedures (by better managing your after-sales service, by being more responsive and intervening at an appropriate time),
  • Have  greater proximity  to the customer by developing a special relationship with them (by recording their preferences, their birthday for example, etc.),
  • Develop your  competitiveness  by providing more services and personalized advice.

Increase business profitability

  • Increase sales  through targeted actions on defined segments of your customers and prospects (Ex: retain your customers through specific offers based on each customer population),
  • Optimize the profitability  of sales, marketing and customer service investments through better calculation of return on investment,
  • Have a  clear vision  of commercial activity to optimize processes (report on sales, monitoring of sales representatives’ appointments, progress of objectives, etc.),
  • Save time  by automating recurring tasks (monitoring automatic results, automatic follow-up to customers, etc.).
process to increase the profitability of the company

Improve internal organization

  • Agenda shared between employees (tasks to do, events, etc.),
  • Centralization  and sharing of all customer data (all important customer information is classified in the same place and easily accessible),
  • Structuring information  and business processes. You have a structured customer file with relevant information that can be used for marketing actions (e.g. paper mailing, e-mailing, phoning, etc.),
  • Keep the history  of your customer data (Ex: if a salesperson leaves, you do not lose information and you can easily transfer current files to their replacement).

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