Notary Management Software

Notary Management Software


There are many tasks for a notary: Draft and sign a contract, Manage and receive clients, Meet and communicate with clients, Optimize the effectiveness of learning, Manage staff and structure, … FIDUCIAL supports your management comprehensive research by offering you a complete quote for your business.

Powerful tools

The legal field requires strict work requirements because your job responsibilities are constantly being fulfilled. At PHPCreation, we recognize the value of these fees. In fact, we believe that managing your research/business and the procedures assigned to it should not be an additional burden. Whether it’s the information you want to receive on the statement, generating a detailed report on the profitability of a certain document type, assigning tasks to your research team, or effectively tracking each meeting, everything should be just a few clicks away.

Notary management software

Your cost is easy to calculate, just click once to start dialing and click again to stop dialing. Everything matches the file assigned to it. You can assign specific tasks to the team so that each file can be completed quickly. You can generate detailed reports on the profitability of the contract or file type at any time. Therefore, you know what the main source of income is. Manage staff time and track file progress. Determine project priority to respond quickly to unforeseen situations.

Customers relationship

It allows you to continuously monitor each interaction with your customers or partners to enrich your professional image. You don’t have to worry about who you should contact, the software will process it in the form of a follow-up report! This ensures that your customers are well supported and satisfied with your follow-up actions. The directory can contain a lot of information, from customer contact details to their psychological portraits. Each member of your team has their own list. Therefore, the management of subsequent treatments will not create confusion.

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