Digital technology, a technology that has changed the profession of notaries

Digital technology, a technology that has changed the profession of notaries

Currently, notaries are using new technologies to optimize their functions. Several systems have been put in place, such as the dematerialization of authentic documents. Changes have been made to the reception of documents and their signatures.

Notarial digital tools

Three solutions have been put in place to achieve digitalization in the notary professions.
Digital identity: this authentication tool was created in September 2015. Each identifier is different for each notarial profession. Thanks to this system, a bridge between notary professionals is established. In this case, it facilitates uses, particularly in terms of mobility.
The real key: it has the same shape as a USB key. It allows the notary to electronically sign a deed and put his seal on it. The electronic signature must comply with the EIDAS (Electronic IDentification and electronic trust services) regulation.
The real network: this system was designed to host the tools and services reserved for notaries and their colleagues.

The dematerialization of notarial documents

The notarial deed can be signed electronically from 2008. The deeds can then be certified remotely via videoconference. This facilitates procedures and allows notaries to increase their productivity. In addition, the documents are more secure, because the paper formats will be converted into an electronic file. The value of digital documents is the same as that of documents written on paper. Documents are recorded in a secure electronic central recorder. Only your notary and his successors can access it if necessary. They will be kept for 75 years or 100 years if there is a vulnerable person. Then, they will be transmitted to the national archives. Since January 1, 2018, the services dealing with land registration have required notaries to send certain documents in electronic form. Several acts are concerned, including acts of sale and real estate certificates after death.

The advantages of dematerialization on customer relations

Digitalization facilitates communication between the notary and his client. The latter can send him the necessary documents in just a few clicks. In this case, the notary and clients can save time and limit travel. Carrying out procedures also becomes faster. Clients can make an appointment online with a notary using this system. The customer also has the right to request an authentic copy of a paper document if he wishes. A charter has been drawn up to guarantee the security of this solution. Its goal is to develop digital sites and encourage customers to use it.

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