Data processing and entry

Data processing and entry

By entrusting the offshore outsourcing of your needs to  C2 M ,  you  ensure that you benefit from the skills of true experts in the field of data processing and entry on the French-speaking market.

We have been able to develop know-how and methods to support you effectively in the outsourcing of your projects. Our mission is to offer our expertise to our clients to enable them to remain focused on their core business and develop their competitiveness.

Whether it is to manage your one-off or recurring needs in data entry, data processing, or database management, do not hesitate to consult us.

We offer our clients a full range of services and guarantee the quality of the services provided. We also have cutting-edge infrastructures to support you in the outsourcing of your data entry and processing projects in Mauritius.

With our management teams, our  optimum technical resources  and our  confidentiality clauses  now part of our daily life, your processes whatever they may be are in good hands.

Your expectations will always be met according to your criteria,  within the required deadlines  and above all within  your budgetary objectives .
Our primary objective is to  build customer loyalty , knowing that in this area, requests are in most cases one-off, but most often recurring.

We must therefore offer  an impeccable service ,  exceeding the customer’s expectations , hence the  creation of a modular process  which includes:

  • One project manager per operation
  • A unique face to face
  • A quick understanding of your needs and transcribed into a contract
  • Live monitoring of the progress of your production via secure access
  • Free advice on optimizing your process (increasing the speed of execution = reducing the cost of
  • Several types of detailed reports available
  • Possibility of adding or reducing the workforce in a very short time
  • Possibility of doing a test phase before signing the contract

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