8 Free CRM Software to Use

8 Free CRM Software to Use

Looking for  free CRM software that will still allow you to effectively manage your customers and contacts?

You’re in luck: here is a selection of 8 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools that are worth a look.

Open and free, these online solutions can assist you in your commercial management, the development of your sales and the monitoring of your prospects.

1) Invoice.net

Facture.net Free CRM

Both invoicing software and free online CRM,  Facture.net  is the ideal tool for managing your database of customers and prospects while simply generating your invoices and quotes.

Perfect for self-employed people or small businesses, it facilitates your business management and helps you identify business opportunities, while simplifying the export of your data as much as possible.

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2) CRM cream

free crm cream

A French CRM tool developed by a team from Marseille,  Crème CRM  covers numerous functionalities: customer relationship management, marketing tools, sales force and even reporting.

A very complete open source software, in short.

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3) Hubspot CRM

hubspot free CRM

Hubspot CRM  is a free CRM solution intended particularly for SMEs with numerous features and a simple and fluid interface.

It helps you boost your sales productivity with clear visibility of your sales pipeline and automatic recording of your customer interactions.

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4) SuiteCRM

Free CRM Suite

SuiteCRM  is an open source CRM which describes itself as a viable alternative to SalesForce and other market leaders: it is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular solutions of its kind.

Although it can be downloaded for free, SuiteCRM has many paid extensions to increase its functionality.

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5) Dolibarr

dolibarr Free CRM

Dolibarr  is another reference for free online CRM. This free software is a real complete management tool, which however makes it a little less accessible.

Like SuiteCRM, it has a store of paid modules (the Dolistore) to obtain additional functions.

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6) CiviCRM

Free Civi CRM

CiviCRM  has the particularity of being intended for non-profit organizations, NGOs or even pressure groups.

Another specificity of this free and open source solution: it must be integrated directly into your favorite CMS (Content Management Software), whether WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal. You can then use it on your website.

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7) EspoCRM

Free EspoCRM

Another free CRM software,  EspoCRM  is equipped with the essential functions that an SME or VSE has the right to expect.

Its appreciable ergonomics make it easy to juggle various tasks: order management, sales, calendar, social networks, etc.

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8) Agile CRM

agile CRM

Let us point out from the outset that Agile CRM  is only free for up to 10 users (so it will be suitable for small structures).

Although limited, this free version still allows you to build a contact base of up to 1000 people and companies, manage your calendar, perform lead scoring and several other features that make it an interesting choice.

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