Why You'll Need Debt Collection Software

Why You’ll Need Debt Collection Software

In strategy , mastery of space and time is essential whatever the field to which it applies. Whether in military or commercial strategy, the effectiveness of the actions undertaken fundamentally depends on the moment at which they are carried out. For this you will need time management and debt collection with debt collection software .

The military art of great captains is based on their ability to apply force at a chosen location and at a precise moment which unbalances the adversary and allows victory despite numerical inferiority.

Some battles were won or lost simply because one of the protagonists reached a strategic location a few moments before the other. Ulm, one of Napoleon’s most famous battles, was won almost without a single shot simply because the French troops were moving faster than the Austrian troops and were thus able to carry out a decisive encirclement maneuver. For this you will need time management and debt collection with debt collection software .

In marketing and commercial strategy , success comes from the creation of an offer which corresponds on the different aspects of the marketing mix (price, product, advertising, distribution) to the needs of the market at a given moment, before competitors have positioned.

In certain sectors such as telephony, progress is so rapid that a delay of a few months in the development of a project that promises great success renders it completely obsolete and unsaleable. On the other hand, we all remember innovative products released too early, that is to say before demand was really established, and which flopped.

 Time is a key factor in the success of any action.  This is precisely the case regarding debt recovery actions in Morocco .

To get paid, follow up on time!

Firstly because in addition to the realities described above, customer follow-up is intrinsically linked to time. The purpose of recovery is to obtain payment of invoices on their contractual due date, which occurs at the end of the payment period applied to an invoice in relation to its issue date.

Then, because to achieve the objective of being paid on the same day as the due date, the first reminder actions must be carried out before this date. If this is not the case, the goal can only be achieved by chance, which is not satisfactory.

Finally, to be effective, reminders must be sequenced in a precise and dynamic manner. A debt collector who, following a reminder, grants his contact person two additional days to obtain validation of the payment must inform him that he will call him back after this period of 2 days and he must do so precisely at the time indicated. .

In doing so, he gives information to his interlocutor about the seriousness of his follow-up. If the reminder occurs a week later, the information sent to the customer is a certain laxity in the management of reminders and that he may not be in a hurry to honor his commitment, All this with debt recovery software .

Debt recovery performance

Recovery performance is a mirror of what we put into it in terms of requirements and compliance with the recovery agenda.

When the invoice is not paid on time, a follow-up the following day goes in the right direction. Wait two weeks and your buyer understands that they can wait at least two more weeks.

Whatever you do, or not do, in collections, you educate your customers. Be flexible and lax and you educate them to pay you late; be professional and precise in the timing of reminders and you educate these same customers to pay your invoices with a vengeance!

If the sequence of recovery actions must be carried out within a precise timing, the choice of the targeted interlocutor must, like the place of attack intended to destabilize the adversary in military strategy, be chosen judiciously.

Indeed, nothing is less effective than following up with the wrong person. A doom and gloom, sterile and ineffective action, even harmful to customer relations, are all symptoms that are too often criticized by recovery services who consider recovery as a quantitative series of tasks.

Finding the right contact person is an essential prerequisite for any effective action. Understanding the internal process of validation and payment of supplier invoices is also important. The larger the size of the customer, the more this understanding, and adjusting collection actions accordingly, is decisive in getting paid.

The application of a recovery scenario is also essential in order to have progressiveness in the actions carried out, from the recovery before due date (very soft), then post due date (increasingly firm), to lead to pre-litigation. (sending a formal notice) then to litigation, while dealing as effectively as possible with any reason explaining the delay (dispute, etc.).

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