What is Human Resources Management? HRM

What is Human Resources Management? HRM

Human Resources Management in Morocco has evolved significantly since the time when the function was called Personnel Administration. It is no longer a question of administering but of managing the women and men of the company. Even if some still persist in using the term “Human capital”, those who make the company what it is are in no way capital that needs to be “managed”.

The question is all the more sensitive today where the “digital revolution” is significantly shaking up working methods, relationships between employees and, more generally, management itself.

And it is not the recent reforms of labor law which are part of a totally archaic vision of the company and its sociology which will help the HR department in its difficult task, to say the least.

Let us also not count on the craze for supposed new management methods such as the “liberated enterprise” advocated. If the theme is a bestseller, the reality on the ground expects something much more than the “miracle recipes” that we have been bombarded with for many years now…Let’s take a closer look at HR Management, it has multiple aspects, all equally important than each other.

The 6 themes

Along these lines we will study the 6 main inseparable aspects, characteristics of this complex activity and essential to the implementation of the strategy and the management of performance.

HR performance
  • -1- Recruitment and integration managementHow to find, recruit and retain the most competent profiles which are sorely lacking? The performance of a company is above all directly dependent on the qualities of its employees, whether they are motivation, the capacity for innovation or the desire to work in a group.
  • -2- Management of compensation The estimation of the fair salary is dependent on multiple parameters, not the least of which is the competition’s offer.
  • -3- Career and skills managementIn a changing world, careers are managed over time. The current legends about the essential flexibility of employees who should not only change companies permanently but also jobs according to the needs of the latter are only legends. Read the article about skills management  with a focus on hidden skills.
  • -4- Training management It must be a win-win game and respond to both the short-term skills needs of the company and the wishes of employees to build a solid career in the longer term.
  • -5- Social management The company is a human organization, it is therefore confronted with all aspects of interpersonal relationships.
    We must also go further and build organizations that are more human and more proactive at the same time. It’s a win-win game within the company itself.
    For this, it is urgent to develop the autonomy of work groups and to facilitate team decision-making.
  • -6- Performance evaluationCollective evaluation or personal evaluation? The type of evaluation conditions the management method.


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