things that should be in a professional website

Things that should be in a professional website

Companies have understood that they must be visible online to increase their turnover and benefit from their digital transformation in particular. However, you must first think about the digital strategy of your website and then deploy it to succeed, there are 6 necessary things that must be in a professional website of a company.

A professional website involves numerous parameters and particularly a long-term commitment to supply it with relevant content. Clear ! We don’t create a website just for the sake of a website. A strategy must take up the essential steps in its creation or overhaul and set precise objectives.

Ambitious professionals will then have to offer an impactful, functional and quickly accessible website. In order to obtain a satisfactory result, the range of ingredients to be used must be based on the logic of substance and form.

So here are the 6 necessary things that must be in a professional business website .

The design of your website must be professional

Design is one of the first attractive elements of a website. To make a good first impression,  it is crucial that your site looks good . Readers are quite sensitive to the appearance of websites.

business management software
business management software

This setting can influence online behavior. It is therefore not uncommon for visitors to change sites quickly because the previous one is not attractive. It is also not surprising that many brands devote a significant budget to the creation of their websites.

However, be careful not to overdo it!  A website must be quick to load to prevent Internet users from leaving before the homepage has completely loaded.

A fine and elegant site attracts more visitors than a site that lacks charm . With the rise of web development, it is possible to obtain a site offering an excellent quality/performance ratio.

Between content and web ergonomics

Marketing studies are formal; content is king . It’s what you offer to readers that helps convert them into customers. Internet users are looking for relevant information.

Your business must then provide value-added content to the public while taking into account SEO fundamentals . Internet users generally don’t have a lot of time to devote to a site.

Your products and services must therefore be identifiable at first glance. Your website must be ergonomic. It would be a shame if a visitor lost interest due to poorly presented content. Navigation must be intuitive; it must allow visitors to quickly access useful information.

The company has an image to promote. She must make herself known. It is therefore crucial to present to the public  information related to the history of the organization, its missions, its expertise, etc. We need to know more about the management team, the structure’s network of activities if applicable.

All this information will allow Internet users to better identify you. This “first contact” can be decisive subsequently, because customers are generally loyal to brands that they know quite well.

Your site’s configuration should allow visitors to access this information from the home page.

Offer visual content on your professional site

The days of websites without images are over. The trend is towards the use of multimedia content. Images and videos are the cause of interest among many Internet users.

There is no denying  the power of images that are worth thousands of words . They give credibility to your texts. With video, the effect is amplified and a real movement can be created downstream.

As for images or visuals, favor professional infographics which are very viral on social networks. Lean on your community to survey them on current issues, practices, etc. Bring out figures and illustrate them with beautiful infographics. Remember to tag them with your contact details and the URL of your site. and it is among the 6 necessary things that must be in a professional website of a company.

visual content on your site

When it comes to videos, whether strictly professional videos, social videos, etc., visitors will quickly develop connections with your business. As a result, real engagement can arise within your community of readers. This strategy can then help convert Internet users into customers .

Also think about employability and thus making the different actors involved within your company known. You can also organize webinars and then offer them as videos on your YouTube channel.

Internal and external links to strengthen your network and your SEO

Your professional website must have links to other sites or other important pages.  Include a tab on your blog to identify the content. Managed by a community manager, the blog is important for your e-reputation and your influencer marketing.

c2m - Visibility in search engines and social networks
c2m – ​​Visibility in search engines and social networks

By strengthening the network of your website, you will also help to strengthen your SEO and offer your visitors sources that will always be supported by additional information. Without mentioning your competitors, you will always have a Wikipedia link which will consolidate your information.

It helps attract visitors because it addresses themes of general interest. Businesses that have a blog enjoy more traffic than those that don’t. We thus distinguish the corporate or static website from the dynamic website because it offers content.

Presence on social networks and professional platforms is very decisive in the business world . You will need to include links to your networks such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, etc. This strategy is all the more relevant as these platforms are among the most visited in the world. Social traffic is the easiest and fastest to acquire.

Your business should also include links to your other sites ( by country, continent or geographic region ) where applicable. Multinationals use this model to allow Internet users to discover the extent of their activities.

Think about Local SEO by indicating your location and contact details

Your corporate website must clearly indicate the location of your general management and all your agencies or offices in the country.

This information remains essential, although a large part of the operations are done online. You will need to meet people, organize events, etc.

Your customers, partners and other stakeholders should be informed of the location of all your offices. You can use  Google Maps  to better orient your visitors.

It is important to specify on your site all the channels to contact you. Mention your telephone numbers  where you can be reached. Your various email addresses must also appear in this section.

If applicable, remember to specify business days and hours. This information will allow your visitors to contact you in a timely manner. Your site acts as a showcase on the web. It must therefore be as expressive as possible .

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Calls To action (CTA) to convert your Internet users

The effectiveness of a website is also measured by its ability to influence visitors’ decisions. Offer your audience specific content to get them to “take action”.

Choose the strategic positioning for your CTA. This should be visible at first glance. Use formulas that convey a benefit to the visitor. You can therefore encourage them to subscribe to a newsletter, follow you on social networks, etc. An effective call to action must also rely on captivating visuals, sensational offers, etc.

An effective business website should be unique. While setting you apart from the competition,  it must allow your audience to identify with your business . The business world is continually changing and affecting businesses. It is then up to professionals to update their website after carrying out careful audits. Whatever your business site includes, you will need to ensure that the rendering takes into account both content and form.

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