The RFID solution in Morocco to automatically and contactlessly trace your flows

The RFID solution in Morocco to automatically and contactlessly trace your flows

RFID technology and solution in Morocco allows companies in different professions and sectors (Industry, logistics, commerce, distribution, Agri-food, etc.) in Morocco, Algeria, the Caribbean, France and Reunion to save time in different operations, and improve productivity while guaranteeing security and traceability.

Thanks to the possibility of memorizing, retrieving and automatically managing a significant amount of information that it must process through remote data. RFID tags make it possible to synchronize physical flows with information flows.


  • Simplification of inventory operations Information available in real time.
  • Security of data exchange protocols.
  • Better availability of items.
  • Reduction of huge costs linked to merchandise recalls.
  • Effective management of product flows.
  • Identification of flights Traceability of operations.
  • Fluid inventory management.


  1. The tailor-made RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solution in Morocco offered by ActiveIdentity services protects retailers’ profits, prevents theft and improves overall efficiency.
  2. – Retailers operate in an extremely competitive economic environment while having to keep up with increasing retail channels as well as ever-changing consumer habits.
  3. – Whether it is a fashion store, jewelry store, pharmacy or supermarket;
  4. Securing inventory, reducing shrinkage and optimizing employee productivity are the keys to business success.
  5. – We offer a full range of intelligent security and inventory solutions to help protect retailers and remodel

everyday retail environment:
• Maintain inventory accuracy
• Reduce shoplifting, theft and supplier fraud
• Protect your profits

To be able to guarantee our customers the deployment of a reliable software solution, ActiveIdentity services has invested in performance tests of the majority of RFID technology equipment existing on the global market, which allowed us to choose and conclude partnership contracts with world leaders in technology in terms of RFID equipment and consumables (tags).

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