The latest marketing trends 2024

The world of marketing is evolving at high speed and is constantly marked by the arrival of new technological advances.

Google is a perfect example because it is behind many changes to try to maintain high quality in search results. The change in Internet user and consumer behavior are other factors influencing our marketing strategies.

It is more essential than ever to monitor these developments because they are at the origin of the marketing trends of 2019. In this regard, here is our top 10 marketing trends to follow closely.

Trend #1: chatbots

Chatbots are software powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and programmed to respond to consumers. Their goal is to facilitate the connection between the brand and consumers across all messaging platforms. They help build customer loyalty through instant conversations and real-time responses.

Trend #2: augmented reality

By augmented reality we mean a technology that allows 2D or 3D elements to be added to an existing image. Snapchat’s lens selfies have   enabled its democratization. By allowing virtual makeup and ornaments to be applied to the user’s face, selfie lenses served to familiarize the public with this technology.

There are also  Instagram Stories . And as Jonathan Chan notes:

“Stories are part of the real-time marketing trend, this format allows you to create authenticity and also offers a dimension to telling stories (storytelling) because it follows a certain linearity. »

Thus, augmented reality is a source of experience for the consumer.

Trend #3: voice search

Among marketing trends, voice search is one of the 2018 marketing trends to remember. It is estimated that by 2020, 50% of searches will be voice-based. Whether on your cell phone or on your personal assistant, such as Google Home, Siri, Cortana… which suggests that the requests will lengthen.

Brand SEO strategies will be impacted by this change. As Talk Walker states:

“The key words will become sentences and especially questions. And the results of queries on search engines will no longer be a list of websites to visit, but rather a precise answer which must satisfy the Internet user almost instantly. »

Trend #4: shoppable media

Behind this term hides the possibilities offered by many platforms for richer content. And this brings the option to consumers to purchase the product directly. So a Buy button can appear on a published image, for example on Instagram. This makes it possible to capture the attention of Internet users as close as possible to their navigation and their centers of interest.

This is why “More and more numerous and influential voices are being raised in the tech ecosystem to denounce, or even combat, attention design (captology)… Another possible scenario, the entry into resistance of users” , Sophie Ismaël tells us on this subject.

Trend #5: Fake news

It seems that the Fake news trend will develop in 2018. Here are  5 types identified by experts  :

  • The fake news that buzzes on the web about a brand: it could damage its reputation.
  • Fake news mistakenly relayed by a company on its various sites.
  • Fake news which follows the misinterpretation of an advertisement: a detail which would not have been identified in the advertisement and which triggers a rumor.
  • The place of publication of a communication which may be frowned upon or misinterpreted.
  • And also, the internal decision of a brand which will have been taken based on fake news.

Trend #6: the announced death of the organic reach of Facebook pages

What is it about ? Organic reach represents the total number of people who saw your posts through unpaid distribution. We have noticed that since 2014, the organic reach of posts has continued to decrease on Facebook.

2 reasons for this: the multiplication of posts which drowns your content among many others, and the change in algorithm in 2015, which consists of placing posts according to preferences and not their publication date. Competition on content will have to be even fiercer and sponsored to be seen.

Trend #7: Real-Time Marketing

“Above all, real time offers businesses the opportunity to better connect with consumers and their communities. It’s about sparking online conversation and offering  an increasingly gratifying and emotional “live” experience.

This is what Hervé Monier says about Real-Time Marketing. This requires brands to be responsive to current events in order to develop emotional proximity with their consumers. At the risk of making decisions too quickly and causing bad buzz or fake news.

Trend #8: video content

“Facebook will become one of the main players in the video market, and one of YouTube’s main competitors. The Facebook Watch functionality, open today to certain content creators, will be offered to all people and pages during 2018,” underlines expert Michael Stelzner.

It is therefore a safe bet that YouTube will have a serious competitor. This will certainly amplify video content opportunities.

Trend #9: influencer marketing

The fact that video dominates the digital world is probably no longer a surprise to you. But you have to remember that the use of this format continues to increase, and it is not going to stop any time soon.

The emotions conveyed or even the fact of being able to broadcast a video live on social networks make it a preferred communication channel for  promoting your brand  and engaging your community.

If video is not part of your marketing strategy you should make it a priority for 2019.

Trend #9: Creativity will be a factor of success

Following the major 2019 trends, whatever the field, is a good thing to be up to date in your strategy and capture your audience in the best possible way.

But this should not take away any form of creativity from you.

Boldness and experimentation should allow you to test new ways of reaching and engaging your target that your competitors have not yet considered.

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