How to save time with RFID chips?

How to save time with RFID chips?

    • Will the advent of RFID grading shift to barcodes and lead to the demise of in-store payments?
    • In fact, articles are increasingly labeled with RFID.
    • Some brands such as the famous French sports brand have started to equip their automatic checkouts with RFID sensors which make the calculation of the amount instantaneous.
    • The reason ?
    • RFID technology greatly facilitates inventory within businesses, the consumer experience and an incredible time saving for customers.
    reduce the waiting girl by rfid

    Simplify the activities of employees in business

    • RFID tags are increasingly used in stock management and inventory.
    • RFID tags offer extremely reliable data readability.
    • The RFID chip carries the same SSCC code found on conventional tags and provides a powerful, blind-searchable read source.
    • This is exactly what the weak point of barcode printing can be affected by the wear and tear of time.

    RFID chip increases productivity exponentially

    • If a barcode can only be read from and individually, many RFID tags can be read both at a time and at a distance.
    • It is the size of the antenna which is suitable which determines how far it can be
    • A racket reads tens of centimeters away while the gantry can read in a warehouse, tens of meters away.

    RFID technology for intelligent inventory management

    • Barcode reading, in terms of related information, is 80% reliable, while RFID has a much higher confidence rate in the order of 1%.
    • With RFID, store status can be obtained at a rate that far exceeds the performance of manual counting at very limited variable costs.

    Easier logistics


    • When measurement points are established in stores, delivery tasks are systematized and automated.
    • This has the effect of making the counting and quality of receipts more reliable, which is essential for reducing disputes with suppliers.

    Save your customers time

    • RFID technology makes life easier for customers.
    • No waiting in long lines. It will no longer be a matter of reading barcodes one by one.
    • A reader equipped with RFID technology can read hundreds of tags per minute.
    • What are the benefits for the company’s customers?
    • We see in our national sport casting when a customer puts in a bin, all their screens will display the content at the same time with the total owed.
    • At Nespresso, you no longer need to empty a bag of coffee capsules.
    • The bag containing the capsules is positioned in front of the reader, the invoice is immediately drawn up.
    • So, whether you have one product or a hundred products, it only takes a few seconds to pay for your purchases.
    • The reign of long queues is coming to an end.


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