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Installation of pointing system

For a company, it is important to be able to control the working time, presence and effective occupation of employees. The time clock is a first step in the right direction, but, as is already the case with the most sophisticated time clocks, it must be coupled with working time management software to maximize all its possibilities.

The time clock records the basic data of your staff (arrival, departure, recovery, etc.), using an individual badge or reading anthropometric data (iris, fingerprint, hand geometry, etc.). This data is transmitted to a central computer (via network, internet or USB key) and analyzed by the computer, using time and attendance management software.

If the benefits derived from a work clocking system are obvious to the employer and essentially translate into:
Simplification of work for the departments concerned.
Accessibility and reliability of information.
Time saving.
Help with the decision.

Do you want to set up a pointing system but you don’t know which one to choose? How much does it cost to install one and why do it?

IDevent can help you assess the needs of your business and recommend the implementation of a timekeeping system adapted to your structure, the most cost-effective and efficient to track hours, establish the schedule and evaluate employee time in order to to optimize the efficiency and profitability of the workforce that works for you.

Thanks to our identification system, no one can “clock in” for someone else, and no more cards to be distributed, tracked and replaced. You will be able to monitor regular and overtime hours, produce end-of-period reports and automatically export data to an internal or external payroll management system.

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