Discover 7 Free Project Management Software in 2024

Discover 7 Free Project Management Software in 2024

Depending on your needs and your types of operation, one or the other of these tools will be useful for your projects, so I will summarize these strengths and weaknesses for each. Finally find your  ideal free project management software  in this selection! Here are 7 Free Project Management Software in 2020.


Among the best free project management software  , Are you looking for a powerful, efficient and intuitive project management and teamwork tool? is the ideal online software because it has many features such as task management (prioritization, assignment to team members), setting up objectives and deadlines to guarantee good productivity.

You control everything in one place by tracking the progress of projects in real time. You can store files directly in the collaborative workspace but also connect thousands of other tools to speed up projects.

2. Trello


Perhaps the best known of the free management tools, Trello is one of the essentials! The concept of project management is in the form of “cards” containing lists of actions that you can move onto a table that you have structured with columns according to your needs. For example, you can create a column for urgent and important actions, another for urgent and unimportant actions, etc. This logic follows the kanban procedure for project management (the one used by Toyota).

3. FreedCamp


For those who are familiar with the BaseCamp management tool, they will not be disoriented by FreedCamp which includes its main functionalities, but with the advantage of being freemium. The idea here is to manage team projects with several features such as task assignment, the possibility of commenting, a calendar view of actions to be carried out, document management, etc. The tool is well thought out if you have several projects in parallel with several teams.

4. Zoho Projects

Zoho projects dashbord

Zoho Projects is part, as its name suggests, of the Zoho suite of professional tools (CRM, Docs, Mail, etc.). Among the notable advantages of the solution, we can cite the dashboards on the progress of different activities as well as the integrated time tracking system, potentially very interesting for agencies in particular. We can also note the integration with other Zoho solutions, as well as Google Docs or Dropbox.

5. Wimi


Wimi is a freemium French project management software created in 2010. The interface is very pleasant with also a presentation in the form of kanban. Note that Wimi also offers several potentially useful professional tools such as discussion channels, video/audio calls, collaborative platforms, etc.

6. Todoist


It is the tool that I use every day for my task management, but also an excellent simple project management tool thanks to the teams option and the possibility of adding files and comments. I particularly like the clean design and several good ideas such as recognizing dates directly in tasks.

7. Wunderlist


Free project management software  , Wunderlist is also another task management tool that has grown strongly to become a simple and very effective project management tool! The solution was bought by Microsoft, and gradually linked to the group’s other software, which is very interesting from a project perspective.

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