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Data entry: definition and why outsource it?

Data entry is used to centralize data owned by your business, most often in a computer system. This can be a very time-consuming and tedious task, especially as your business grows and you find yourself with more and more data collected, especially in the case of computer data entry.

This is why it may be wise to opt for offshore outsourcing of this data entry to an external service provider to allow you to save time on this task which can take up a lot of resources.


C2M can therefore take care of your data entry tasks. Our expertise allows us to support you in the processing and archiving of all your data.

The data entry work is followed by careful proofreading before validation. The recording is made in the format of your choice. Whatever the original document and support, an analysis will allow us to develop the procedure best suited to the desired result. The goal is to optimize the processing of encrypted or textual information.

Our employees are selected based on criteria of rigor, perfect command of the language and their sense of organization. Our data entry operators are qualified to carry out your data entry, support you and listen to you throughout the operations. We guarantee complete confidentiality regarding the data entrusted to us.

We can offer you fully personalized services: creation or modification of files, entry of accounting or management control data, stock records, administrative management, declarations, computer entry of information on your customers and prospects in a CRM, entry of databases for your communication campaigns…

We will choose the type of software that best suits your project and guarantee perfect compatibility with the computer or handwritten tools you use internally.


The collection of data can be carried out from the documents and media that you provide to us but also by direct collection from directories or published works (catalogues, books, reports). We can process information on all types of paper or digital media: response coupons, newsletters, competitions, forms, contact sheets.

By outsourcing data entry, you relieve your business of tasks that require specialized skills to be profitable. You increase the value of information by optimizing the collection, processing, enrichment and perfect integration of your company’s vital data.

Outsourcing your data entry to C2M means:

  • Better exploit the data that helps you understand your customers and prospects;
  • Save time on a time-consuming task;
  • Choose an expert service provider in this field who offers you personalized support according to your media, documents and formats.

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