Best Online Business Management Software

Best Online Business Management Software

Best online business management software, why choose c2m? Whether you have just started a business or have already launched, it is essential to find the  right work tools  in order to be as efficient as possible. Many people’s first instinct is to use their usual software, such as Word or Excel.

But it is often neither the most practical, nor the simplest, nor the most effective. It is better to use specialized management software in Morocco . Indeed, the latter present numerous advantages for  self-employed workers ,  small businesses  and  SMEs . In particular, they allow them to  save time and optimize business management . Discover all the  advantages of management software  as well as their different  functionalities  in this article.  

The advantages of integrated management software

Time saving

The first advantage of  management software  is that it allows the company to  save time . Indeed, doing your business management (accounting, sending invoices, tracking expenses, managing customer data, etc.) is much easier and faster, if all these tools are gathered in the same place. In addition, you will save time, you will no longer have to enter the same data in several software programs. This can not only be very energy-intensive, but also very time-consuming.

Data security

Using online management software allows you to store your business data in a secure location and collect payments with complete peace of mind. Some  management software in Morocco  also allows you to add professional documents to an online space. You therefore have access, thanks to this software, to features that allow you to keep your documents safe, in a secure space accessible at any time.

Professional documents

No need to spend hours creating your own  quote templates   in Word! Commercial management software  often  allows you to create and send  professional invoices  and  quotes  . In addition, there is no longer any need to bother writing the  legal notices  required for this type of document: they are already included! All you have to do is add your logo, your contact details and your little personal touch.


When several people work on the same project, it can be complicated to organize and coordinate in order to complete the project on time. Business  management software in Morocco is then of great help. Indeed,  ERPs  are very comprehensive software that meet the majority of needs related to the management of a business, including  project management . This software makes it possible to assign tasks  to  everyone, monitor the progress of projects and share project-related documents with colleagues. All in order to facilitate  teamwork .

Company Overview

Another advantage of integrated management software is that it covers a large part of the company’s fields of activity and therefore allows you to have a strategic overview of the company. It is therefore very easy and very quick to see, at a glance, whether the company is in good health. In addition, some ERPs even offer more in-depth analyses. You will thus be able to have access to  analyzes  of your  sales  and your  cash flow . These  business analyzes  can help you make business decisions and steer your business in the right direction.

Features offered in management software

The tools offered in different management software vary, but we can generally find these features:

  • Accounting:  The accounting function of management software allows you to manage your income and expenses. In addition, tracking your cash flow is also very practical for managing your liquidity.
  • Invoices and quotes:  With online management software that includes invoicing features, you can, from your computer or mobile, send a quote or a personalized invoice to a customer or prospect.
  • Project and task management:  The project management tool allows you to monitor the progress of projects using dashboards, divide it into tasks, assign an order of priority and a deadline to the latter and even to associate documents with it.
  • Time management:  Time is money and all entrepreneurs know it! Management software can help you earn more. It allows you to count the time spent by you and your collaborators on each project in order to invoice the client for each minute of work. Finally, with a time management tool, you will be able to analyze the hours spent on each of your projects, in order to reorganize your schedule and become more efficient.
  • Customer relationship management:  A CRM tool integrated directly into your management software, isn’t it practical? CRM allows you to gather all the information relating to your professional contacts in one place. Some CRM software even allows you to keep in touch with your customers, discuss and collaborate with them on a dedicated extranet space.
  • Inventory Management:  This feature is handy for businesses that sell products. It allows you to manage your product inventory and easily adjust the names, quantities and prices of your items.
  • Business reports:  Thanks to detailed analyzes of your accounting, your projects and the organization of your time, you will be able to highlight your strengths as well as areas for improvement to readjust, if necessary, your commercial strategy.

How to choose the right management software?

There are dozens of software options, it can be complicated to make a choice. However, before you even begin your quest for the  perfect management software  , you need to determine what features you need. Then, you must take into account the nature of your activity which can also influence your choice. If you have collaborators, you will probably need software that allows you to  collaborate with each other.  Finally, your choice will surely depend on your  budget , it is about finding the software that will best meet your needs at the best price. If there is one who has understood the needs of self-employed workers, small businesses and SMEs in terms of  management software,  it is Mr. Nadir Aboura. President of Onyris (a small company in the field of web development), in 2007 he was looking for software that would allow him to  efficiently manage his business , in order to save time  and reduce costs. As he couldn’t find any that met his criteria and needs, he created the  all-in-one management software with his team of web enthusiasts . If you still have difficulty making your choice, you can consult management software comparisons.

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