Alkhadim Tools

Alkhadim Tools

A simple and effective RFID traceability solution to manage your fleet of materials, tools, equipment, parts, components and stocks.

 ALKHADIM RFID is a digital traceability solution that uses RFID and technology to allow you to trace and track your materials, your tools, your equipment… and manage them in real time on a secure portal.

  • The data is directly accessible on your PC, tablet, smartphone.
    • In just a few clicks, our customers manage their entire fleet of equipment, their equipment, their products, their stocks, etc., regardless of the number of users, establishments, construction sites, rotations, parts or tools to manage, and whatever their brand.
    •  ALKHADIM RFID gives you real-time visibility on your equipment, its location and your inventory, wherever you are, thanks to its mobile app.
    • You always know where your equipment is, what its status is and what quantities you have.
  • Create and update all nomenclatures relating to the management of Tools: the nomenclature of families, the nomenclature of locations, the nomenclature of organizational entities, the nomenclature of asset states and the nomenclature of brands and the nomenclature of accounting accounts .
    • Management of inventory periods
    • Automatic identification of Tool movements.
    • Management of the exit and reform of Tools with the possibility of logging its movements for possible research or consultation subsequently;
    • Possibility, during the inventory, to edit the Tools sheet (updating information including the condition of the asset), to enter new acquisitions and to instantly identify inventory discrepancies.
    • Possibility at the end of the inventory to synchronize the Terminal with the server to automatically update the database with the generation of inventory states: state of discrepancies, transfers, new acquisitions, degradation, etc. These states must be logged and consulted later.
    • Possibility of editing Tool tracking states: inventory register, output status, movement status, etc.);

Very comprehensive functionalities for all sectors: industry, energy, maintenance, etc.

  • Traceability of industrial equipment, construction site equipment, portable power equipment, lifting equipment, electrical equipment, medical equipment, health equipment and products, small tools, technical parts, vehicles, containers, containers, pallets, crates, PPE, etc.
    • Collection of multiple information: unique identification of equipment, serial number, movement history, status, status, etc.
    • Assignment: establishment, construction site, person, team, vehicle, service, etc.
    • Location
    • Management of periodic checks and maintenance with alerts
    • Stock and inventory management
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