6 Points Make You More Productive at Work

6 Points Make You More Productive at Work

Productivity  is being productive. In economics,  productivity  is the relationship between the production of goods or services and the means necessary for its realization. Productivity is increasingly sought after among employed people or among the self-employed. Bordering on hyperactive, you must be able to manage a maximum of tasks in a minimum of time. Let’s look at how to be more productive at work.

Working smart is therefore essential. Your attitude is undoubtedly the determining point of your ability. However, there are little tips and tricks that can help you achieve your goals and be as efficient as possible at work.

Here are a few tips :

Stay organized in your work

This is one of the most important points on how to be more productive at work, because organization is a key element. This goes through several stages, including first your space. If your desk, whether at home or at work, is messy, it will be very difficult psychologically to concentrate.

Always keep a clear and clean workspace. Classify your work files well to help you find everything you need quickly.

stay organized in your work

Remember to measure the time spent on your tasks to better evaluate your upcoming missions and those in progress. Use ToDo Lists to see your progress and not lose sight of your goals.

Avoid time-consuming distractions on the internet

Working on the internet requires a certain amount of mastery to concentrate on your tasks and avoid anything that is collateral. Distractions such as entertainment content and site visits that never stop taking you from one post to another… should be avoided.

avoid time-consuming distractions on the internet

Use URL blockers if it helps, but above all, don’t deviate from your tasks to stay productive. Instead, view distractions as a reward at the end of the day.

Choose suitable equipment to be more productive

Productivity also requires comfort.  If you work from home, choosing the right equipment and furniture for your office is your role. Choose a comfortable ergonomic office chair  that adapts to your body shape and allows you to sit for several hours. You will not have to suffer negative consequences on your physical health.

Beyond a comfortable ergonomic office chair, we also advise you to invest in lighting that will not affect your vision. Place your desk in a naturally lit room, near a window. In the evening, choose a “warm” white LED bulb for your desk lamp and make sure that it is not reflected on any of your screens.

Opt for a work computer that is comfortable for your eyesight but even mobile if you don’t have the budget for a desktop and a laptop. Otherwise you will also have the possibility of pairing a large screen to your laptop PC to work in better conditions.

The work environment: home or external office?

The environment is very important because it allows you to set limits, avoid demands at home and work with new people. For budgetary reasons, working from home can be a temporary solution. Ultimately it is interesting to change space to see people and set limits to your working hours.

The environment is important from a personal point of view because it also allows you not to mix your private and professional tasks.  At home we will inevitably have requests (children, spouse, etc.) or attractions on personal matters.

home to office

Measure your motivations and possibilities from a budgetary point of view. Coworking spaces are an ideal solution to get started at a lower cost.

outdoor office

Get Things Done! The GTD method

Get Things Done is an expression that gave its name to a productivity method. The goal is to ask yourself the right questions in order to prioritize your tasks and focus on those that are most important to be more productive at work. Start by writing down all the things you have to do.

Then ask yourself if you can start straight away. If so, plan and begin the task in question. Otherwise, discard it or incubate it for the next day. Get a calendar and use it to plan your longest projects.

Get Things Done

Thanks to this, you will know exactly what to do in the next few days, which will help you motivate yourself because you will see better where to start.

Take breaks and take care of yourself

Consider taking breaks from time to time and getting up from your chair to walk for a few minutes.  This will keep you from feeling sluggish and numb. Go outside if you can to walk a bit and get some fresh air. Breaks are important across web careers. You have to remember to leave your screen to rest your eyes and walk to activate your lower muscles… stretch from time to time, and that is more important to be more productive at work

Don’t stay locked in your work area! Productivity is never long-lasting if your body and brain are not in harmony.  Never forget to take care of yourself.

This also involves a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Why not start your day with a session of yoga or a session at the gym. If you work outside the home, consider cooking at home and bringing your lunch to the office. Avoid the easy solution like chips/cokes at the local supermarket.

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