15 Invoicing Software to Easily Manage Your Invoices

15 Invoicing Software to Easily Manage Your Invoices

Invoicing is an inseparable step from the administrative aspect of your activity or business. It is imperative to provide a legally compliant invoice to your customers, in exchange for the payments they make. This supporting document contains several information about you, your customers, as well as your services provided with billing management software .


To make your daily life as a freelancer easier, c2m.ma now offers  15 invoicing software to easily manage your business invoices .


1. Zervant


Billing management software


Zervant  is simple and free invoicing software, perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It allows you to create and send professional invoices online in just 60 seconds.


Zervant offers several features allowing you to create quotes, sales invoices, receipts for invoices, electronic invoices (e-invoices), invoices with and without VAT, a customer and product database, deposit invoices as well as payment reminders. 


The service is free for up to 10 customers, several premium subscriptions are also available with a 14-day trial period.


Zervant  also has a mobile app on Google Play and the Apple App Store


2. Facture.net (100% free, forever)


Billing management software


The Facture.net tool   allows you to create and manage your quotes, invoices and deposits with disconcerting ease. Facture.net was designed by the c2m.ma team, the first networking platform for French-speaking freelancers for over 10 years.


Facture.net is 100% free, forever. It was developed with the sole objective of making it easier for freelancers to invoice. It is also perfectly suited to VSEs and SMEs, in particular respecting the mandatory criteria of the VAT anti-fraud law.


To allow maintenance of the site as well as regular updates of the service, only a few advertisements (very discreet) towards the platforms of the c2m.ma group are present.


Try the tool now  thanks to the “demo mode” activated by default each time you create an account, a good way to get started with the tool.


3. Sage Business Cloud


Billing management software


Sage Business Cloud  is a complete solution, used by many micro-entrepreneurs, which allows you to manage your invoices and your accounting at the same time. You can therefore edit purchase orders, enter payments, have an overview of your situation (balances, margins, deadlines, etc.). At the end of your financial year, the software provides you with a real accounting report.


Sage offers several versions suitable for each type of business. For micro-entrepreneurs, prices start from €9 excluding tax/month with a free trial.


With this offer you will be able to take advantage of mobile applications on Apple, Android and Windows Phone.


4. My AE


Billing management software


My AE   is invoicing management software, specially dedicated to micro-entrepreneurs. This is an online billing service, compatible with all browsers.


My AE allows you to manage customers, quotes, invoicing, purchases and many others. Despite an aging interface, everything is optimized to save you time.


The solution allows you to automate tasks, such as recurring invoicing for your services or entering your purchases.


The basic version, limited to 10 customers and €2,000 billing over 12 months, is free. The Premium plan is offered at €3 excluding tax/per month or €25 excluding tax for an annual subscription.


5. Sellsy


Billing management software


Sellsy  is an ultra-modern, aesthetic and very practical online solution. In addition to creating invoices and establishing quotes, it also offers the ability to schedule tasks.


The formula also includes the use of a complete CRM with pipeline management, lead scoring and even sales automation tools. You will also be able to manage your accounting using banking connections integrated into the solution.


The tool offers you available and free assistance. The subscription starts at €40 excluding tax/per month for annual billing or €50 excluding tax/per month billed monthly. This price includes use by 2 people. Additional users will be charged €25 excluding tax.


6. EBP


Billing management software


EBP   is invoicing management software that brings together a range of software to facilitate the management of your accounting, but also for the preparation of your invoices. The intuitive interface saves you time and drafting invoices is as easy as using word processing software.


The simplest version of the software, more than sufficient for freelancers, is offered at a fixed price of €139 excluding tax. A 30-day trial version is offered.


7. BillingsPro


Billing management software


Available on Mac, iPad and iPhone, the  Billings Pro application  (formerly Marketcircle) allows you to manage your invoices, contacts and projects in a single interface.


You can edit both one-off and recurring invoices, and set up payment tracking, to ensure reminders in the event of payment default.


A new time tracking functionality allows micro-entrepreneurs to save time by easily editing invoices with the time spent for each mission.


The application is accessible from $5 per month for a version very limited to 5 invoices per month. Otherwise you will have to pay $10 per month to have unlimited access to all the features.


8. Freelancer App


Freelancer App


Freelancer App   is invoice management software that helps freelancers create invoices and quotes quickly and easily. It has the advantage of automatically adding information adapted to your activity, simplifying declarations, validating online quotes and managing reminders.


Are interface, “rustic” is nevertheless very ergonomic and functional to manage all needs quickly and easily.


The free version already allows you to create your invoices without limits. To benefit from pre-written emails, validation of online quotes with customer commitment and others it will cost you only €5 per month.


9. Iscriba




Iscriba  is invoicing management software and an online invoicing solution that promises to save you time on your invoicing thanks to an ergonomic interface that you can personalize.


The design of invoices is also customizable to give a professional look to your business. Finally, you can also automate certain actions to save even more time and devote yourself entirely to your main activity.


Please note that the management of personal data is ultra-secure.


On the billing side, Iscriba offers a free version with only 2 monthly invoices. Then you will have to pay between €10 and €30 monthly to benefit from all the advantages without limitation.



To complete this list, here are other invoicing software used by freelancers registered on c2m.ma:












To conclude


As a freelancer, you cannot carry out your activity without a good invoicing tool. If you have an accountant who takes care of your balance sheets, you can opt for a simple and basic solution, which will allow you to produce professional documents for your clients.


We invite you to test different solutions to find the one that best suits your business and your needs.


Do not hesitate to complete this list in the comments and tell us which tool you prefer for your invoicing.


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